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Only Limited by YOUR Imagination!
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What Do We Mean by 'CUSTOM' Content?

Many business owners are excited by the prospect of using digital signage to market and communicate with customers using technology. However in many cases they are overwhelmed by the prospect of creating the message they want to display.

Content is King!

Hardware - Screens, Networks, Players are all important parts of the Digital Signage environment, but without appropriate connect all you have is hardware. We have our own Creative Design Team to implement the vision you have and enhance that vision with additional knowledge and experience.

customized digital signage content for your digital sign We can use assets, graphics, video that you have already produced and incorporate them into your digital sign. Or we can create all new content based upon your imagination and business image.

Content can be divided by ZONES on the screen allowing you to have different content on various portions of the screen.

Digital signage content in various zones to allow changes

Live Video from Television, Cable or Video Player can be incorporated as well as live RSS Feeds from Twitter, or Facebook. Different content can be set to play at different times of the day or week.

Get the message out to your customers easily. Market to your customers where they are and when they are ready.

LG DISPLAY IN Customer Stretch 32"

What is YOUR vision? What can we build for you Today? It's only limited by YOUR imagination!

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