Multiple Solutions for Digital Signage mean Choices for you and Ease of Installation and Management

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Digital Signage can come in various forms and flavors


- LCD, LED and PLASMA Screens offer a variety of choices in brightness, power and display to enable every business to choose the solution that works best for their business type, their environment and the manner in which the displays are used. hat are the differences? To understand the differences in more detail, Download this article from PC Magazine: Plasma-vs-LCD-vs-LED

-Size is definitly important in Digital Signage and Displays. A 19" lcd at the Blue Jean display featuring attractive people performing activities in the jeans may be as impressive as a 42" lcd on a wall above the pottery display. With todays technology anything from a small display to an entire wall is easily possible.

- Placement, size and type of display can are all pieces of the marketing jigsaw. Questions that you want to ask yourself and your team are:

-What are we saying -pictures, text, colors, design?

-What do you want to accomplish with your display?

-What actions should the customer or client take after seeing your display?

- PROJECTED DISPLAYS. What do we mean by this?

In some situations and physical environments it may be impractical to install ridged Digital Display Monitors. But it is still quite possible and realistic to 'GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT' with a variety of Projectors and flexible surface display screens. Today you have Short Range, Long Range, Wide Range and Reverse Projection technologies.

Where can we install your digital signage and what would you like it to say?


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